A Good Life While Quarantined

1. Family. Who doesn’t love their family? Whether it be your parents, siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles, whatever. We also have those who aren’t blood whom we consider “family.” Of course, I have all of the above but like I said before, every since leaving my previous environment, I’ve been surrounding myself with good and positive energy. My sister and her newborn, along with my own son play huge roles. Those three have been helping me stay sane and keeping me busy from falling back into the darkness that once inhabited my life. I have plenty of reason to do so but I also have them as my primary reason to not.

Helping my sister with her new born has been a very reminiscent experience. Every time I look at her son’s face, it reminds me of when my child was a newborn and how much I absolutely adored him. Obviously I still do, and I try to see him at least everyday, even if it mean rekindling old feelings with his mother. She’s made our current situation clear as day light but that hope is also keeping my spirit ablaze.

2. Art. Whatever hobbies we all have, it can be defined as art. Music, writing, drawing, painting, heck even working out! You’re sculpting your body correct? And ask anyone with a similar mentality; they’ll agree that the human body is art itself. Exploring your own and every inch of your significant other’s is a mystifying and beautiful experience. In my life I’ve taken up writing, editing my past and future content, drawing and working on my own body to sculpt it how I want. All this brings me inner peace so it’s crucial that I continue doing so and I recommend to everyone who’s an addict, or even those who have never experienced that hell. Being at peace with yourself and your surroundings by committing to some kind of artistic hobby.

3. Love. Who doesn’t want to feel loved? There are many variations of love that fill our lives with that positivity we all search for but can easily be the cause of destruction in the same manner. How? Well I DID just say that there are several variations of love, right? Whether it be love for your husband or wife/ boyfriend or girlfriend, or even love for someone who would never love you back, that feeling can become so overwhelming that you find yourself doing thing that you never thought you would do. For example, all my experiences of love have gone from positive to negative causing me to break down and fall apart.

I’ve loved a woman who never loved me back, and it ended in me using her as an excuse to start using drugs.

Ive loved a woman who loved me almost as much in return, but that strong feeling of love ended up being my source of motivation to try and force her to love me again once she decided she didn’t want me anymore. I used to think that maybe I could make her love me again but now I see how wrong and blind I use to be.

I’ve loved drugs so much to the point where I kept putting my family into financially damning positions. I even chose that love for narcotic euphoria over the peace inducing love my kids and girlfriend tried to give me.

I’ve loved my job and the money I was making so much because of that feeling of being financially stable and social status amongst those around me, to the point that I wasn’t giving time to those who actually mattered.

There’s so many more experiences of devastating love I have that I’m sure many of you can relate too. My point is that too much of something isn’t always good. It’s up to you to figure out if your “love” towards whoever/whatever is worth your time and your peace. In my case, I was the cause of pain because of my diluted version of “love.” If I only found a balance, or knew when to or NOT to express love, then I could have had that state of peace in a healthy manner. It’s so crucial to fulfill your desires to obtain happiness in your life, but it’s just as crucial that you don’t hurt yourself or others in the process. It’s okay to love your significant other, as long as you don’t hurt their peace in the process. It’s okay to love you work, money and whatever other objects you’re pursuing as a goal, as long as you don’t let it blind you from what really matters (that’s for you to figure out). So love, love until your heart is content, love until you are truly in a self aware state of euphoria, but love safely and love YOURSELF before you try to love anything or anyone else.

That was my biggest mistake and my main reason of down fall. I did not love myself enough to respect my body nor the people around me who I gradually pushed away. Trust and believe that I could never love having no one or nothing to lean on.

4. Sex. Everyone’s favorite activity. Come on, just be honest with yourself, you love it! I’m not going to stay on this topic for too long, to avoid having you feel uncomfortable. If you’re not having sex, I recommend you try to build a relationship with someone who also wants to experience that with you. Never force yourself onto anyone, make sure you have consent!! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the reasoning.

Who doesn’t love sex? Seriously. If you want to reduce stress and need that state of peace, sex is a huge benefactor for that goal. Me? I love every aspect of it, from the connection I feel with my partner, to enjoying every inch of their body. This definitely puts my mind at ease. We all have our own preferences, but being able to experience a woman’s finishing point by whatever means necessary is probably the most satisfying and inner peace inducing aspect of this whole list. I mentioned that the human body is a work of art, right? Yeah well you can experience that aspect when you experience true love making.

Now on a more serious note: people really do suffer from many forms of addiction. Sex can be that trigger especially to those who are sex addicts. Who can only climax if they experience different acts that can be painful and dangerous to themselves or their partner. Not only that, it can be mentally devastating to their partner who has to deal with their partner only being satisfied by certain actions, and vice versa. Stay aware, and keep your peace!!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Currently being quarantined, it’s hard to fully experience the gifts of life. Of course, this virus isn’t stopping some but for those who are stuck at home going crazy,feeling depressed, or even those who are living the sober life, why not make your own list of activities that bring you peace? Whether it be dancing, doing yoga, cooking, playing with your pet, or enhancing whatever skill you may have, it truly doesn’t matter. Keep your mind and your body distracted. Reach that level of positivity and inner peace, to the point that you’re floating in place as you meditate!

Have a GOOD LIFE and keep yourself from hitting a plateau. Use all this extra time to learn new skills, finish that degree you gave up on years ago, learn to fix that old car in your backyard, or help your kids with their arts and crafts!!! I know I am, my son loves Bumble Bee from Transformers and that’s exactly what I draw for him every chance I get.

– Jay.

Fruits of Addiction: A Drug Addict’s Blog

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By The Reticent

My goal isn’t even success nor redemption. The damage I’ve caused is way too deep. I look to provide a mental and emotional sanctuary to those need it and remind our people that change is possible. Who knows, maybe if I had that I’d really have success and redemption.

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